Who We Are

Founded in 1997 by Robert LeMay, LeMay & Company, located in Northern Virginia, is a CPA firm specializing in accounting, tax preparation, and financial management for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and individuals. Our expert staff of skilled professionals works as a seamlessly integrated team to provide clients with the tools and knowledge to navigate an ever-changing landscape of financial situations and tax laws.

We achieve this through a full-service, customer-oriented approach centered on education, training, and two-way communication. Whether we are the entire accounting department or consult only on select functions, when you work with LeMay & Company, our team becomes a part of your team – taking a vested interest in your success.

Whether just starting out – working under the pressures of a quickly growing company, or being established and looking for the best accounting structure – or corrections to the current accounting system, LeMay & Company will be an asset to the team. We offer a variety of accounting services to fit the needs of each company we represent.

Our full-service customer-oriented approach centered on training and two-way communication empowers you with the knowledge, tools, and services to succeed. When you work with LeMay & Company, our accounting team becomes a part of your team – working together toward realistic goals and focusing on the big picture while maneuvering through an ever-changing business, tax, and financial landscape. Meet your accounting team or schedule a meeting with one of the team members.