Regardless if your business’s gross revenue is $50,000 or $1,000,000, often the micro/small business entrepreneur or solo entrepreneur tends to be a one person show. Balancing all the different hats of the business can be challenging and rewarding but it can also be holding you back. Think of a child who has their fists full of cherished sea shells but then sees that one shell that will complete the collection. The problem is that the child has no room to pick it up, they need to let something go to obtain a better shell. In business, we find ourselves in the situation more than we want to admit. Sometimes we have to let go of a bit of control in order to grow and achieve more. At LeMay & Company, we understand this and will work with you to identify the roles that work and the one’s you should think of outsourcing. Below are just some services that we bring to the table to assist you in making this decision. Reach out to our team today about more specific ways we can help you balance all your roles in your micro/small business or solo entrepreneurship. You don’t have to go it completely solo, we’re here to help.

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From managing the day-to-day accounting of small businesses, business and tax planning, to filing with the IRS, LeMay & Company provides full-service accounting to fit the needs of your business.  Contact us today or schedule a meeting to learn how a review of your accounting system can benefit your company or give us a call (703) 912-7862.

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