Accounting Services Offered for Individuals and Businesses

We are currently busy with tax season which is our busiest time of the year. However, we here at LeMay & Company are not just a tax firm. We offer several services to help you personally or your business to continue to have success. Here is a highlight of a few of our other services outside of tax preparation and filing.

For individuals we offer services tied to tax preparation, resolution, and tax planning. All these services are aimed at making your life easier when it comes to filing time each year. Sitting down and planning with one of our staff members can help you understand what to track and keep records of so that when going to file all your documentation is in one place. Occasionally, we can offer personal bookkeeping help to guarantee your records are complete and accurate.

Many of our services are geared for businesses or business owners in all stages of a business. From assisting during the formation of a new business to being the virtual CFO for a business, doing the bookkeeping, or assisting with the company’s payroll, we can help. Often these services can overlap or merge with some of our other offerings such as cash flow management and internal control evaluation and implementation. Just because you are operating a small startup, does not mean you are forced to sacrifice strong financial support from a knowledgeable team. That team, however, does not have to be in your business for the beginning. We are here to help until you reach a place where you are comfortable taking over the management of your business’ financial operations. From that point we can still help with tax preparation, resolution, and planning as we do with individuals.

We also offering training in services that can help you run your own financials. QuickBooks allows you to track your business’ accounting information and the platform is easily scalable to match the growth of your small business. We provide training on the functions that will be applicable to you now and offer support if you run into issue using the software. When your company reaches a point where more of QuickBooks’s functions are needed, we can assist you in learning new and expanded features to use. We help you focus on what the platform can do for you, the specifics, not the overarching features that can be distracting for new users.

Managing a business can be enough of a challenge, no need to add the extra burden of feeling out of your depth in managing the financials. Our trained and experienced team is here to help you, no matter the stage your business is at.

We Are Here to Help

From managing the day-to-day accounting of small businesses, business and tax planning, to filing with the IRS, LeMay & Company provides full-service accounting to fit the needs of your business.  Contact us today or schedule a meeting to learn how a review of your accounting system can benefit your company or give us a call (703) 912-7862.

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