Business Bookkeeping

Maintaining clean, organized, and accurate financial records is a necessary function for any business to run smoothly. Successful bookkeeping requires a regimented schedule of activities to ensure all ledgers – accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll, for example – are up-to-date.

Recording transactions is a large and necessary task. As start-up businesses grow and become small and medium-sized businesses, this work may become too much for the business owner to continue handling alone. Hiring a professional bookkeeper takes the pressure off the business owner, ensures accurate records are being kept, and allows the business owner to focus on their growing business.

LeMay & Company utilizes technology that allows business owners to have instant access to their financial data even though the daily bookkeeping functions are performed outside of the corporate office.  Where ever an internet connection is available, the business owner can access their data.  There is no more need to send data files back and forth or to be limited to only monthly or quarterly access to data.  Sometimes, it is preferred to prepare invoices in-house and record simple transactions but outsource the other functions.  LeMay & Company is set up to handle it, becoming your personal accounting department.

Staying current with financial documentation allows for ease in decision-making. This positions the business owner to not only adapt to a changing economy but also gain knowledge and make timely decisions. Well-kept records are a must for effective tax planning and will also speed up the tax filing process when the time comes, ultimately saving both time and money during tax preparation.

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