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Statistics show that a little over half of the small businesses that are launched today will fail within four years. A key part of that is due to poor planning and financial management. Having a sound business plan at the outset of your entrepreneurial journey is one way to ensure you are none of these businesses. Don’t get me wrong, having a business plan is not about having some great-looking document but more about the thought journey you go through when developing and drafting the document. At LeMay & Company, we can assist in reviewing your plan to provide you guidance in areas that you may have overlooked or may not have well developed your thinking process. Do your financial projections match reality? How will you fund the purchase of any assets needed to start the business and sustain operations as you work to build your revenue stream? We evaluate the major assumptions you used in preparing the plan and will work with you to ensure that the plan is as sound as possible. By taking the time to work on your plan, you are taking one step closer to a successful business launch!

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