Entity Selection Advise

Having a good understanding of the tax and financial ramifications of the tax entity you select for your business is key. Your choice will dictate how you are taxed, how you pay yourself, and how to take profits from the company to just name a few of the reasons you want to educated yourself fully before making this selection. At LeMay & Company, we will work hand in hand with your company attorney to help educate you and advise you on the correct choice for you and your company. From a sole proprietorship, LLC or S Corporation, we can help you navigate and understand tax implications of each choice.

This is not just something you look at when you first start your business. Businesses evolve just as over time and what was right one day may not be the best fit for the company today. At LeMay & Company we can help evaluate your entity choice to ensure that it still meets your tax and financial needs now and for the future.

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