Tax season has arrived. During this busy time for our office and staff we want to ensure you have the most information possible to ensure your return(s) can be filed as smoothly as possible. There are a few dates that you should be mindful of for filing your returns, beyond just the deadline for filings set by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). If you have not begun to, gather your W-4s/W-2s, 1098s, charity receipts and documents of donations, and other documentations to aid our staff in filing your return properly and promptly.

For those filing a business return, February 14th was the final day to submit your documents to our office to file by the March 16th IRS deadline for business returns. Weren’t able to gather all the necessary documents and send them to our office by the 14th? You are not out of luck; we are available to work with you to file an extension for your business return and then complete and file your return. Reach out to our staff so we can file an extension and work with you through the process.

Personal returns have a different deadline for filing set by the IRS, known to many as the general date associated with tax returns: April 15th. To file your personal return – be it as a joint return or individual -on time with our office, all documents need to be received by March 13th. This month-long window allows our staff to compile your return, talk to you about any missing documents and receive them, and inform you of any taxes that are due to the IRS. If you are unable to send your documents to the office by March 13th, just as with business returns personal returns are eligible to file for an extension. Our staff are available to help you through the process of filing an extension.

While the extension allows you to file your return at a later date, it does not provide an extension for paying the IRS any taxes that may be due. To learn more about what an extension on your return means for you or your business more information can be in an upcoming blog post.

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