Understanding your household budget is important for managing cash flow. By sitting down with a staff member at LeMay & Company, we can look at the numbers and outline the true household cash flow and help you create an ideal budget.


Maintaining an understanding of your household budget and operating within that budget will prepare you for an ideal scenario come tax time or in the event of an unexpected expense. Having a solid budget plan will should also include monies for savings or other investments, ultimately planning for your family’s future.


Are you a business owner? Do you understand how income from your business impacts your family’s income tax returns? Our accounting team will work with you to ensure you have a clear understanding of both your personal accounting and business accounting, whether you’re collecting information from a domestic employee or merging income as a sole proprietor with household income earned from another source. Managing the budget and preparing for taxes sets you, your family and your business up for success. Our team empowers you with the knowledge and tools to manage the short-term and long-term financial demands and understand how those demands shape the bigger picture.