Business Accounting

Accounting for the daily financial transactions of your company is not just a good idea, and is a must to ensure success.  The ability to generate accurate and timely financial statements is key to effective business planning, budgeting, cash management, financing arrangements, and many other aspects of your business.  LeMay & Company ensures all elements of your business accounting systems are poised for the best possible results and organized to present a realistic view of the business finances.

In today’s business environment, most accounting is performed on computer systems such as QuickBooks Accounting Software.  The professionals at LeMay & Company will identify the best system for the client’s needs.  As a Professional Advisor for QuickBooks, LeMay & Company has the expertise to assist regardless of the version or platform, PC or Apple.  Through effective training and implementation services, the team at LeMay & Company works hand in hand with their clients to ensure that their accounting systems are established and operating effectively to meet their unique financial and operational needs.

The ability to make sound and informed decisions for the business hinges on the organization and accessibility of the financial statistics of the company.  The accounting services of LeMay & Company do not stop at the presentation of the financial statements.  They will continue to work with the client to identify key ratios and statistics that will allow them to make effective financial decisions.  A sound accounting system is necessary for accurate tax returns and effective tax planning.

We Can Help With Your Accounting Needs

From managing the day-to-day accounting of small businesses, business, and tax planning, to filing with the IRS, LeMay & Company provides full-service accounting to fit the needs of your business.  Contact us today or schedule a meeting to learn how a review of your accounting system can benefit your company or give us a call at (703) 912-7862.

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