You’ve reached the point you’re ready to start your business and get it off the ground, but you still have some questions on where to look for information and resources as you start. While some simple Google searches might give you a few vague answers, we’ve put together some information to help give you resources to turn to when starting your business. All these resources may be a great asset to you. Still, have questions? We’re here to help – set up a meeting or give us a call at (703)-912-7862 to learn how we can help. 

Networking Groups 

Local networking groups can connect you with potential customers and business partners that could help you out. Another upside of networking groups is that it can help you expand your knowledge. Other entrepreneurs have experience and have dealt with some of the issues that could come up as you start your business. Ask them questions and pick their brains on how to manage all the things that come with starting a business. Networking groups can be the place to finding a business advisor or mentor that can be a consistent sounding board. 

Financial Advisor or CPA 

While your mentor may be able to help guide you through many of the legal and financial matters of starting a business, having an expert is also a good idea. A financial advisor or certified public accountant that specializes in small businesses is important to have on your team. Often, they will be able to guide you through the paperwork you may need to file with your local and state government as a business. If applying for grants as a non-profit they can also assist in that process too.  

Campus Resources 

If you’re still attending university and considering starting a business, you have many resources accessible on campus. From chatting with professors to gain some insights from them to seeking out connections with your university’s career center there are a host of resources on campus. Even job fairs and campus events can provide a great opportunity to network your business while connecting you to financial and human resources that could be beneficial. 

Small Business Administration and Local Governments 

The Small Business Administration (SBA) in the United States is a huge resource. SBA has been helping small businesses since 1953 by connecting them to resources and information to assist navigating the world as a small business owner. Their website has a helpful search tool to find resources in your local area. Simply drop in your zip code and a list of resources with their websites and contact information can be accessed.  

Another great resource is to check out your local county government website. Often they have lists of local resources and can also provide you with information on the regulations regarding small businesses in your county. Both Prince William and Fairfax Counties have extensive web pages dedicated to giving entrepreneurs like you access to resources. 

Beyond just what the SBA and your local government offers, there are Small Business Development Centers to reach out to. The SBA along with local or state governments fund these Centers to provide another place for small businesses to turn to as they get off the ground and grow. They offer counseling, mentors, webinars, and more to provide you with support and knowledge. A few local ones in this area are the Community Business Partnership, the Mason Enterprise Center, and the Shenandoah Valley SBDC. Looking for one in your area and unsure where to start? We can help connect you with one in your area or check the SBA’s website.

We Can Help! 

You’ve gone through and gained more insights thanks to some of these resources, but still need help in getting your business off the ground? Not only can our team help you as CPAs and understanding the financial side of starting a business, but we can also walk through the process with you! We offer business plan reviews to help you understand and have an outside voice in forming your business. Looking to know more about how we can help you and your start-up? Reach out today by giving us a call at (703)-912-7862, sending us an email or setting up an appointment with us.

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