What first comes to your mind when you think of accountants? Boring? Sitting in a office all the time? Fascinated with minute details of their work? While some of those assumptions might be true, accountants have many more layers to them! Read on to learn more about both famous accountants and those that work hard here in our office!

Accountants with a Claim to Fame

Accounting draws a wide range of people – rock-stars, politicians, actors, and reporters. Looking back in history, a friend and advisor on perspective to Leonardo da Vinci, Luca Pacioli, was a mathematician and accountant. Pacioli is more often remembered as the “Father of Accounting” for inventing the double-entry bookkeeping system. Which may not mean much to you, but our staff are glad he created it.

Bob Newhart, a comedic actor, started his career as an accountant after World War II in United States Gypsum. Later Newhart said he didn’t have the temperament for accounting and moved on to stand-up comedy and television. Musicians Robert Plant and Mick Jagger both studied accounting in school before taking off in their musical paths. Kenny G. – a famous smooth saxophonist – graduated magna cum laude in accounting while working on his music skills. Novelist John Grisham studied tax law in school. However, due to the “complexity and lunacy” of accounting, he ended up moving toward trial law instead.

The Other Side of Our Staff

All of our staff is passionate about doing excellent work for their clients – their passion carries over to when they’re not in the office! Robert (Bob) LeMay is an avid cyclist. Most weekends and even some weekday evenings outside of tax season, you can find him out on his bicycle, either on a solo ride or with some of the other riders in the cyclist club he’s part of. He and our office manager Debbi LeMay enjoy going on day hikes and camping trips in State and National parks.

Speaking of our office manager, Debbi also enjoys getting out into the woods and mountains and taking their dog when she can. If her time is limited, she’ll head to either the Neabsco Boardwalk for a walk over the wetlands or Prince William Forest Park to hit the trails in the National Park. Getting outside is fun any time of the year for her.

Julie Murray (one of our account executives), when not in the office, loves to travel and will take any chance to get on the water to enjoy some kayaking. While she and her family haven’t kayaked as much around this area yet, they have really enjoyed Lake Accotink and the Accotink Creek and the Gunston Cove area of the Potomac. She’s hoping to get out more and explore more of the waterways in the area!

Learn More

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